Whitehall Creek Road


The Whitehall Creek Road project involved the replacement of an existing house along the shores of Whitehall Creek in Annapolis. The existing house had been in existence since the 1970's and several mature trees are located on the property. Of particular concern to the property owners were a large maple and willow oak that were located within a few feet of the existing foundation of the house.

Holly Oak Consulting was brought on to the project to evaluate the health of the trees, design tree preservation measures, provide guidance on design and siting of the new house, construction guidelines and details, construction oversight, and post construction monitoring.


During the course of the project the property owner also engaged Holly Oak Consulting to perform a tree inventory for the property and make recommendations for future maintenance work to be performed for the trees. As a result of the tree inventory Holly Oak Consulting provided a recommendation letter to remove trees under the permit for the house construction.